Will Going Vegan Improve Your Cycling Performance? The Science

Will Going Vegan Improve Your Cycling Performance? The Science
Will going vegan make you a faster cyclist? I go over the science and talk about performance, weight loss, and recovery on a vegan diet. Is protein an issue?


  1. me and my friends just started cycling last year. i'm 47 now and i eat a lot of meat with rice. i do not eat veggies and fruits and i perform better than my friends who eat a lot of veggies and fruits.

  2. I spent my international racing years eating meat, dairy eggs etc. Had I known this info a few years ago, I'm confident that I would've won an (age-group) world championship. I envy those of you still racing and watching this for the first time.

  3. Yet another great video Dylan. Another point regarding performance is that since vegan diets are more often than not higher in carbohydrate than omnivorous or vegetarian diets, vegans tent to consume more carbs overall. As you've mentioned in other videos carbs are better for recovery than protein for endurance sports such as cycling. I think Durianrider got this right and we should go vegan and carb the fuck up to become better cyclists.

  4. I cut out meat about 3 years ago. I still eat fish 1-2 × per week other than that it's mainly plant based . I feel more energetic and I'm lighter. I'm 60 and looking forward to doing more Tri's and 70.3s in 2022 post pandemic. Great video D-man. Keep'm coming.

  5. Didn’t expect you to be vegan yourself at the end of the video! Good to add another top level vegan athlete to the growing list. For me, the fact I can still perform to my potential whilst eating vegan is just a huge bonus. The real reason for me has become about the animals. It didn’t start out that way at all, like many it was first about the environment, but now it just seems so bizarre to me that we pay for others to do things to animals that we ultimately do not believe is ethical. There are so many fantastic vegan foods now available. I hope it grows and grows.

  6. I wanted to try out veganism for 3 months in order to experience the health and performance benefits. I never went back to eating meat or dairy and I’ve been a vegan for more than 5 years now.

  7. I recently found your channel and have been impressed by your research-based approach to answering questions. However, this video was disappointing as you didn’t present the papers in your typical unbiased fashion. For example, in the results from A Way to Reverse CAD? the values of 0.6% and 62% represent two different rates (major cardiac events vs adverse events). Yet you make the false comparison between them to claim a 100-fold improvement. While the much smaller differences in outcomes between adherents and nonadherents are statistically significant, they can be explained by selection bias. The authors rightly point this out in the discussion section. You’ve called out this limitation when discussing papers in other videos and I’m surprised you overlooked it here. The same confounding likely exists in the EPIC study and you failed to call it out there too. Now I’m questioning your conclusions from other videos. I really appreciate what you try to do on this channel but in this case it appears confirmation bias is driving the narrative.

  8. Hey Dylan, thanks for sharing. I've been enjoying the plant based way for about a year and feel great. It's helped my cycling (road, gravel, mtn, fat) and I dropped 15 pounds the first couple months. Ride on man!

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  10. lets discuss Indians (asians) which are the most vegetarian and vegan population in the world by far (67% UN stats). They are also not a self selected population, avoiding that huge bias.
    Half of díabetics in the world are Indian vegetarians…..half and the young ones.
    In California Asian Indians (SI valley, high socio economic status) have 4 times the heart disease than any other population (including fat americans).
    In a huge study of 1.5 million workers of India railroad company comparing north and south diets concluded that 18 times increase animal saturated fats correlated with 7 times less heart disease and roughly 10 years of longevity.
    So i call bullshit on those biased studies conducted largely on self selected extremely health contious westerners and seven day advantists studies.
    Whoever closely familiar with Indian population here in CA and the devastation that vegetarianism and veganism (brahmins) brings on them, pre diabetic in ur 20s, fully diabetic in ur 30s, first heart attack at 40s, absolutely no muscle mass, skinny fat, no strength..at all ..etc…can only gasp at this video

  11. Thank you for the video! Going on six years vegan, feel great, approaching 40 and now cycle more miles per month than I would have ever dreamed possible in my 20’s. Of note, the EF Pro cycling instagram has some great recipes for on the bike high carb sweet and savory snacks. Same recipes they make for their riders. Vegan power folx!

  12. Been vegetarian for a couple years now. Mainly went it due to severe digestive issues. Like GERD and indigestion. Also was having joint issues and fatigue. It definitely helped on the bike. I noticed my endurance and power actually improved a bit.

  13. Watching your videos along with Dr. Greger's makes it impossible for anyone with more than two brain cells to not go vegan. All science backed and with arguments cleverly built. Keep up your great work! (And the funny parts in the videos 🤣)

  14. What a relief!…… I’ve been enjoying your non -diet related videos and was reluctant to watch this one. I’ve been WFPB for about 10 months which has also prompted a return to cycling. Not to lose weight but more because I’ve lost weight and feel much better. Very relieved. Thank you. Great video!

  15. imm vegan and my endurance and performance is crazy better than when i was omnivore.. when do those muscle get tired? i need a marathon..
    i agre recovery is faster, and endurance is easier… feel like im fueling the machine with the right fuel… damn its unreal.
    wish omnivore realised all the benifit.
    Plant based diet is amazing, best move i ever did.

  16. Thanks for this video Dylan. I went WFPB a year ago and realized many benefits. I don’t think it made me faster on the bike by itself but it did provide a better platform for me to become faster. At 45 years old, recovery is getting more important. I found I am able to bounce back and hit the next training session like I used to in my 30s. I think the benefits of this diet increase with age. A young buck in his 20s can’t appreciate the fatigue and soreness that comes after 40. In addition, maintaining optimal race weight is effortless compared to the strict calorie counting I required before. My overall mental energy and outlook on life is much improved. I can’t imagine going back to my omnivorous diet.

  17. The problem with the vegan die is that it lacks meat. And good fats. long list of missing nutrients that are by definition essential. vitamins,essential fatty acids, minerals, amino acids. And all those studies do not tell anything. Your body will perform better on the short term with sugar, but the missing nutrients and the digestive stress will make your recovery worst.

  18. I went vegan for one year looking for improve in performance. I felt good the first six months. However, the next 6 months were down hill. I started to feel lethargic and hungry all the time, my athletic performance decreced to the point I didn’t energy to workout anymore. I was with no energy, super hungry and that was a recipe for disaster. I gained 20 extra pounds. I don’t wanna blame on the diet. I just don’t know what I did wrong. I took me one year to recover after I went back to a balanced diet (lean meat, veggies, fruits and treats) I lost the extra pounds and my athletic performance is coming back. (Running and cycling) Any thoughts on my case? Thanks. I love your channel btw!

  19. The crucial point of all these studies, I think, is 'appropriately planned vegetarian' diet. Has it been compared to appropriately planned 'meat' diet? The latter has to contain a lot of vegetables also, as you've said at the end of the video. The nice meta-analysis ( https://academic.oup.com/ajcn/article/105/6/1462/4569801 ) shows the influence of the daily intakes of particular food group on the risk of all-cause mortality. Just look at the Fig. 2. Red meat is definitely bad, but too much fruits are also not fine. Fish is good, but milk and eggs are healthy till some level of the daily intakes. How many things are not yet, or at least well, investigated… It's super for scientists!

  20. I went vegan for one year – lost 12kg and felt actually really bad. Now I eat meat again but usually keep it to max 1-2 times a week.

  21. Consuming about 4,000kcal each day & 120-140g of protein. All 100% plant based. Riding about 500 kilometers every week all year round (yeah sorry Dylan i never take a week off unless I crash) I’m 38 and fit as a fiddle. Went vegan to stop contributing to animal cruelty first. Wish I had gone vegan sooner.

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