WHAT’S IN MY VEGAN FREEZER | vegan freezer meals + essentials

WHAT’S IN MY VEGAN FREEZER | vegan freezer meals + essentials
Learn how to smartly stock your freezer so you can have delicious, healthy meals in just a few minutes. I hope you enjoy this tour of my vegan freezer! Full list of …


  1. Oh those hipsters… they know it all. And thanks for the IG berry hack! 😛 For real though, these tips are awesome, Nisha! Love the value in your videos ❤

  2. Love binging your channel! So far I've made the mushroom stroganoff and the buffalo chickpea quesadillas, both were a hit! For freezing veg, do you do those raw? I find when I freeze things like sweet onions they get a weird taste. Same with bell peppers.

  3. Not a criticism… but curious as to why you prefer almond milk? It is known to be pretty environmentally devastating. Do you disagree or do think it’s that much better than coconut or oat milk?

  4. I wish my freezer was that neat! Funny about the almond milk cubes. I was just thinking of doing that – didn't see it anywhere, I was just craving a yummy milkshake-like smoothie and thought that would be a good way to do it!

  5. Ty, Nisha. All these delightful earlier vids coming my YT feed these days are really useful. Am saving to reference when my kitchen is configured so my husband & I can cook sitting down (mostly) . Really grateful to you and thanks for some more chuckles. You just have the best darn energy.💙

  6. My son was Vegetarian long before he could talk. I didn't pay it any mind. He spoke about becoming Vegetarian as he grew up. Finally at 17 years he became one and it was the easiest thing for him. Now I'm doing it with him because I love him to bits and it is a way for me to monitor his protein intake and prepare delicious meals for him. Last night he made dinner. Thank you for helping me through this unknown territory. ⭐ Funny thing is … I don't feel deprived.

  7. I love that when you were talking about the waffles you said you can make them as "healthy or as decadent as you want!" You could have said unhealthy, junkie, etc, instead of decadent, but I really appreciate that you are not shaming people's food choices and making veganism accessible to even those who don't care about "eating clean" <3

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