What I Eat in a Day | Staying FULL During a Calorie Deficit

What I Eat in a Day | Staying FULL During a Calorie Deficit
hi babies! yayyyy finally a what i eat in a day! i touched on this very quickly, but i am currently “cutting” (in a calorie deficit). my goal is 1510 in a day, but with all …


  1. I’m down for that salad, I’m just thinking I’d add some feta cheese, and maybe walnuts 🤤 but I get you’re using the avocado for your fats

  2. I have a doubt .. if I'm doing an intense workout and BMR comes out to be 2500 calories.. and with exercise i burn 500 calories.. so do I need to take fewer calories in diet also to lose weight? But reducing calories in diet will also cause weakness..and i wouldn't be able to workout with such low calorie intake.. please clear my doubt..

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  4. Don’t be afraid of carbs, they fuel your lifts. Unless, like you said you get bloating then I understand why you’d avoid them a bit more.

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