Watch Sadhguru cooking as the Master turns Master-Chef

Watch Sadhguru cooking as the Master turns Master-Chef
Watch Sadhguru Cooking! Up Close & Personal Watch Sadhguru cooking as the Master turns Master-Chef! #Sadhguru Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is …


  1. People made this so called Guru enlightened, a celebrity.
    Teaching is a technique to lure our people in their language about knowledge, became professional celebrities.
    Real truth is we are so innocent to learn something out of our own self, this is the actual weakness of us, in following.if you become so humble than every resources are with in you.

  2. According to Guru Nanak Dev Ji, you don't have to give up your personal life to get God's love. You can live a normal life and be an enlightened soul. I'm not paraphrasing or anything but yes he did teach this.

  3. Actually no one want to see only few people doing goody goody what Satguru do what benefits us is more important Satguru only talks about him

  4. প্রণাম। খুবই উপভোগ্য। সব কিছুই তাঁর নখদর্পনে।

  5. sadhguru ji i can only wonder how the world will be when everyone can laugh like you do
    a patch of heaven on earth in the place where you are
    hehehe simply put, i just want to be near people wih top quality sense of joy

  6. Nice making food at home, kurma, chappathi and desi jokes. Thanks for your videos. Learnt much about everything. But I wish you treated that chappathi with some respect after all you made it to eat. Anyways sadhguruji you too is human.

  7. It always amazes me why people expect sadghuru to be some kind of non human. Of course he can ride the bike, cook etc. All his teachings is about how to be a HUMAN. Not an isolated being. Please understand this point and reflect.

  8. When he said Australia roti okk American not good but Indonesia shape ….oooo😂 😂😂

    Geography student can get it easily 😂👍

  9. நல்லா இருக்கு ❤️❤️🥰🤩

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