Top 7 Healthy Vegan Snacks | Whole Foods & Packaged

Top 7 Healthy Vegan Snacks | Whole Foods & Packaged
Whether you’ve got a sweet, salty, crunchy, or savory craving, we’ve got the fix for you! We’re sharing with you our top 7 whole foods and top 7 clean, packaged …


  1. Great video! Thanks for the information about Barukas. I ordered three bags. Can't wait to try them. I'm also excited about trying the crackers and hummus. Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks also. I air pop. I haven't found a way to get salt or other seasonings to stick without getting the popcorn soggy. I have tried a mister. Do you have any tips?

  2. I love getting to know the people behind a label. I had no idea about his strong ethics! I just wish we could buy Barukas in Europe 🙁 I'd much rather support a company that does so much good nowadays and not the nut mafia companies that sell here and basically own the market, selling nuts extremely expensive while paying miserable prices to producers. Thanks guys for including the little interview!

  3. Thanks you so much! I’m a vegan mom of two vegan kids (2 1/2 and 11 months) I’m trying to go more WFPB vegan instead of my usual junk food vegan 😔

  4. Love this video! I’m so stoked to try Barukas, such an amazing company! Also a big fan of 7 hot dates they’re so delicious 😊 Thank you guys for the great snack ideas! ❤️

  5. Just found you guys….vegan for a year and a half along with my 2 girls, feeling so much healthier & getting some great tips from you guys. Next time you visit Darin can I come too 😊

  6. You eat a lot of snacks that I love but I had never heard of the Baruka nut before….very informative and I will seek them out and do what I can to support the reforestation of Brazil so that the indigenous people can continue to harvest, sell and grow them.

  7. Omg !!! When I saw the nut I thought :” oh it reminds me of growing up in Brazil eating baru(baa-roo), “and then I saw the name barukas and heard the story and I was so happy going around the room telling everyone about how great that but is and couldn’t even finish the video, I had to come and comment, after subscribing and excited to go buy some.
    Last year my mom came to visit and she brought a hand full for me, and we talk about how hard it have become to find those wild fruits and nuts. My dream was to be able to grow so many of those power fruits I grew up eating and that we can no longer find in the wild or the market.

  8. It's nice that Barukas is helping re-forest the amazon, but unfortunately they can never replace the medicinal plants/trees or other trees that help maintain the eco system of the region as the indigenous people say.

  9. Love the snacks. Love the info on the baruka company, it warms my heart to know they are fair trade and doing what they can to help the underprivileged ❤️

  10. Hello I love your channel!! I just started a plant based diet. I feel great but I'm concerned about all the carbs I've been eating and will this hinder if I'm also trying to lose weight? I'm guessing it's just going to take some time for my body to adjust

  11. What are your thoughts on protein bar? Of course vegan and clean ones, like the bars from bulk powders? I've been eating a really clean vegan diet from 9 years now, but I always have these big cravings for chocolate and I can satisfy them with a piece of these chocolate bars. I'm just curious on your thoughs and also of all the people reading this, it would be really useful❤️

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