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The most interesting thing about cooking is understanding and using the right tool. The air fryer as a power kitchen tool provides the best solution for food preparations without worrying about the unhealthy effects. The air fryer is powered by an electric fan that circulates hot air through the air fryer, cooking your food at a very high temperature. With the help of our air fryer cookbook, you’ll discover how to prepare almost any delicious crispy dishes using a hot air fryer. Many people are so excited about the idea of an air fryer that they will buy one without first learning how to use it. That can be a challenge because there are many ways to cook with an air fryer, and no two cookbooks provide exactly the same information. Some would show you an air fryer recipe for French fries that also can be made in the oven or on the stove, but they don’t mention that the same recipe can be cooked in the microwave. Our air fryer cookbook is a good buy for anyone who is interested in air fryers and would like to know how to cook with them. It is loaded with all sorts of awesome recipes that are amazingly tasty, easy to make and inexpensive. You will be able to create amazing gourmet meals in your air fryer at a fraction of the cost. Our collection of delicious recipes is perfect for busy families who want yummy, quick, healthy meals that take little time to prepare. You will also find vegetarian recipes The cookbook contains all of the best and latest recipes to use in your air fryer. It covers from breakfast to dessert, all done without any oil. The recipes are a mix of classic recipes, crispy treats, and new healthy options. Everyone will find something they like even if they typically do not eat healthy food. You’ll find absolutely no frying in the air fryer — just food that’s cooked by circulating hot air around it at a temperature of 200°F or less to create that crispy outside crust without adding any fat or calories. What make this book the right option for anyone looking to enjoy healthy cooking procedures, is it thought out and well organized. You will find that all of the recipes included within the book have been tested thoroughly to make sure they come out just the way they are supposed to. Each recipe has detailed instructions and even has recommendations for which types of ingredients work best with each type of food. This cookbook contains about 300 recipes created by trained chefs and nutritionists to be healthy and tasty. You will find that many of the recipes included within the cookbook can easily be converted for use in a countertop oven, a convection oven, or even on the grill if you prefer. Our air fryer cookbook makes the perfect gift for anyone who is looking for a great way to cook without adding extra fat and calories. Scroll up and click Buy Now to get started