Our Vegan Blood Test Results

Our Vegan Blood Test Results
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  1. Incredible, very impressive results.
    Erin, your TG/HDL ratio is 0.7 and your remnant cholesterol is 8! Those are extremely envious numbers, do you realize how hard people try to get results like those? Well done!

  2. I am just transitioning back to vegetarian and basically moving to vegan since my dairy is already at almost 0 and I am sensitive to eggs. Easy to let go of. But wow my tummy is BLOATED! Your videos are very inspiring! From Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  3. I was glad to stumble across this video because I am so against the keto diet, especially when done long term. I've been in the health industry for nearly 30 years as an exercise physiologist with many years of studying hematology and functional medicine. Here are my own thoughts regarding your blood work.

    Her remnant cholesterol is only 8 which is great. His remnant cholesterol is 13 which is also optimal. Anything less than 19 is great. You basically calculate the remnant cholesterol by subtracting the HDL and LDL from the total cholesterol. Remnant cholesterol is 40 times more atherogenic than LDL, so keeping it low is ideal.

    His total testosterone is too low. I am 55 years of age and my total averages in the 750-840 range. Of course that is very good for someone my age, but at your age it should be at least double what it is. It's most likely low because of your lack of sleep. Even one night of restless sleep can have a significant negative impact on testosterone levels. The other cause would be your hyperthyroidism causing anxiousness or just stress in general. Any time your body is stressed, it effects the entire endocrine system. Basically, if your body is in sympathetic mode (fight or flight), rest and digest (repair) doesn't occur.

    Some keto people might say it's because you have low cholesterol, but I would say to them not true as I have seen a ton of blood tests over the years with perfectly normal testosterone even though they have very low cholesterol. The body produces all the cholesterol it needs, so I would say that's not the problem.

    Diabetes? I doubt that is a problem. However, I would suggest checking A1c and fasting insulin so you can compare it to your fasting glucose.

    I heard your dad say something about family history of heart disease. In that case I would recommend doing a more extensive cholesterol panel called CardioIQ by Quest Diagnostics. This will measure particle count, size, pattern of cholesterol, and Lp(a), along with other markers that are crucial to check in someone with family history. Fingers crossed, you don't have an elevated Lp(a) because that is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease independent of other risk factors. Bob Harper from the biggest loser had a massive heart attack at just age 50 that nearly killed him and the culprit was family history along with having an extremely elevated Lp(a).

    Physicians can be stubborn and your dad might be reluctant to running those tests because your cholesterol numbers are perfect. However, PLEASE do the CardioIQ panel for peace of mind as it tells so much more when it comes to this, especially since you have a family history of heart disease.

    Both of you guys are fairly young, but here are some other tests that I order from Veridia Diagnostics to check for arterial inflammation and oxidative stress. I usually order these tests for people like yourself to get a baseline now that you are young. That way as years go by you have a baseline to refer back to and if something goes out of range, you will have something to compare it to.

    Interleukins 6,10,17A

    Your vitamin D levels were exceptional! Are you both supplementing with D3/K2? Great video – I enjoyed it and I hope the info I provided is helpful to you and your viewers.

  4. For anxiety, take magnesium supplements (stay away from magnesium oxide as it's not readily absorbed). This will probably help you sleep better too. I take 1/2 tablet daily of 400mg Magnesium glycinate since I do get some magnesium from my food. Has helped tremendously. FYI, magnesium is quite often an anti anxiety medication and is quite common supplement for heart patients to smooth the muscles of the heart (anxiety is common in heart patients apparently). What have you got to lose ?

  5. Thank you for the information. What vegan vitamin d3 supplement do you take, and how much do you take weekly or daily. Thanks! Your little one is so precious!!

  6. Was guys this is amazing! Thank you for sharing and showing one more time that a plant based diet is really really healthy! 🙏💛

  7. Great vid, How long will it take dad,2get on board🙄docs😂 get him to watch utube what the health, with doc Neal Barnard👏🏽👏🏽

  8. Thanks for the interesting video. I have hyperthyroid and have suffered the same symtoms as Dusty. I got diagnosed a year ago and I was really bad as I had gone undiagnosed for sometime even though I had gone to the emergency room and GP a number of times. I went vegan and gluten free 9 months ago. From what I researched there's a big link with gluten and hyperthyroidism. Also, there's a link with vitamin d deficiency and other deficiencies in people who have thyorid issues in general. The things that I think have helped me the most are cutting out or down in inflammatory foods and lifestyle choices. This means alcohol, caffeine, gluten, sugar etc. I also meditate, do yoga and walk a lot in nature which really helps. I've found acupuncture and sound baths really helped with anxiety. Also, I try to limit social media use and screen time especially before bed. My anxiety has gotten so much better but I've really learned to listen to myself so when I'm feeling a hint of it I know what to do. It's also so important to introduce something fun into your life like a hobby. The more you stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system the better! I hope this helps Dusty and anyone else that has or is going through similar symptoms! Although, if you have these symptoms you need to get your bloods checked. Don't let it escalate. Make sure to get your full bloods done including TSH, T4 and T3. Also, check for deficiencies.

  9. Total cholesterol lower than most people's LDL!

    And this video tells you that hyperlipidemia doesnt run on both sides of that lady's family, less-than-healthy recipes do.

  10. So happy i found your channel! I am half way through my first week on a plant base diet! HOWEVER.. I have still been drinking milk and eating cheese 🙁 I would like to cut dairy out at some point and I feel watching your videos will encourage me to do so! Keep it up guys 🙂

  11. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Stress is a huge factor for me. Working on that and getting enough Magnesium has made a huge difference for me. Love your videos!

  12. Hello to a very beautiful family!!! 🙏😁 I must say, at this moment I'm feeling like an incredibly blessed woman for stumbling across this video!!!! It brought me to tears because not even 5 mins after telling a dear friend that I, as an Insulin based Diabetic since the age of 16 (now in my late 40's) & a three time heart attack survivor, I realize more than ever that I was meant to see this tonight! We're reaching a new decade and as a single mother of an 18yr old son, I've struggled with this Disease, alone his entire life. It's become an intense need for me to reverse the Diabetes and Heart Disease so I'm able to watch my darling son, grow into the man I know he'll be! 🙏💜 I can't thank you two beautiful souls enough for sharing your journey to your highest good, with all of us!!! You've got a dedicated fan & determined woman who is excited to begin, where you've been!!! 😁😁💜💕 Stay thankful, grateful & blessed! 🥰🌟🦋🙏

  13. Great video! I have a Thyroid Autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis), it's the main reason I am looking at changing my lifestyle so as to get it under control.

  14. Can't handle Max's cuteness with sucking his thumb!! Cutie! Thanks for this share! My cholesterol plant based was 137!! Woohoo. ALSO hey, your vitamin D is great, mine's not bad, but was lower than was the time before, still breastfeed too.. I take 5,000-6,000iu daily…what do you take Erin and Dusty, just curious?! Thanks.

  15. This was probably one of the best blood work related videos I have seen!! Thank you for sharing, and for doing it so well! I hope you continue to share your panels in the future. This is invaluable. 😁

  16. If you want to correct some of your thyroid issues do you need to get some essential fatty acids and some cholesterol in your diet

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