My FAVORITE Oil-Free Snacks (Vegan + Healthy)

My FAVORITE Oil-Free Snacks (Vegan + Healthy)
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  1. I feel I am not eating ENOUGH. I need weekly meal prep on a budget. I am not positive exactly what to eat but also how to eat enough in a day. I need 1200 calories in my diet. Any help?

  2. hi caitlin! what kind of brown paper bags do you use to pop corn in the microwave? i've looked into this before and from what I recall the bags used for like lunches and stuff are not food safe and should not be used in the microwave? do you know anything about this? thanks! love your videos!

  3. I am absolutely ADDICTED to potato chips. I've been dying to find some that are oil free:( even all of the baked chips I find aren't oil free. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME

  4. Took my first foray into making homemade kale chips tonight, because store bought are so expensive. No matter how I seasoned them, they are BITTER. Wow. People talk about how much they love them … I say BLECK! Kale makes great juice, and that's it. So I will just continue to get my kale nutrition by putting it through my juicer mixed with other fruits and veggies. LOL

  5. I've always wanted to try being vegan and I stumbled upon your vids by accident…best accident ever better! I'm so in love with your personality and you've inspired me to take the leap and become vegan I'm already a vegetarian!!

  6. Very informative, thanks for posting the video! Trader Joe's has fruit bars made just with apples and mango or banana or coconut. I love those!

  7. I just bingewatched your whole channel πŸ˜€ love your vibe girl! I'm an half ass vegan (i don't eat eggs and milk, but its still in some of the vegetarian products i eat) for a while now and channels like yours really make me do my best to become totally vegan everyday a little bit more :3 <3

  8. just came across your channel. I did subscribed and I doing a marathon catching up on all your videos. I love your channel. am not vegan BUT am looking into a healthier life style and I am taking soooo much from your suggestion (your lifestyle/choices) I can definitely see how being vegan is not difficult and delicious. looking forward to more of your videos,

  9. Can you quit doing the repeats please!! Just tell us quickly, "the afore mentioned snacks "snack a" holds up snack a and "snack b" holds up snack b are both oil free!! Now let's get into some new stuff!"Instead of wasting your and my time by acting like we have never seen this before. I'm subbed yaknow.

  10. I cannot even tell you how much I appreciate what you do Caitlin!! I'm new to veganism & you make it so simple from buying to ordering out to quick meals to wonderful looking foods. Thanks for all you do!

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