Lean & Green Diet Cookbook ● 500 Delicious Dishes ●150 Air Fryer Recipes: How To Prepare Your Homemade Meals Without The Need Of A Health Coach

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Listed as one of the best fast diets, it has gained international fame also thanks to the Boss of Cakes Buddy Valastro who, thanks to this regime, managed to lose 44 lbs in a few months.

The program provides three alternatives depending on the objectives that the individual intends to achieve. 

  • The first is the Program No.1, which is the most rigid.  In this case, an energy intake of between 800 and 1000 calories per day must be considered. The person following this path of the Lean and Green diet must consume 5 replacement meals each day.  Fundamental is then a sixth meal characterized by the presence of vegetables and proteins.

  • The second alternative is Program No.2, which is considered a transition path.  Its main feature is the gradual increase in caloric intake.  The guidelines to follow provide for the daily intake of 4 replacement meals, one based on proteins and vegetables and the consumption of a snack.

  • Finally, we recall the Program No.3 that is the maintenance scheme.  To be followed for a minimum of 6 weeks, it is characterized by the intake of 3 replacement meals every day.  The remaining three, always three, must be based on proteins and vegetables.

Regardless of the plan followed, the Lean and Green diet involves eating every 2/3 hours and drinking at least 2 liters of water per day.  As is clear from the descriptions of the individual plans, much importance is given to the consumption of vegetables (minimum 5 portions per day).  As for protein foods, you have to keep within 0.44 lbs per day.

Many Lean and Green diet followers struggle to find a proper guide and make a routine to help them follow the weight loss routine.

There is a lot of information on the internet about Lean and Green diet but unfortunately not enough is there at one single destination. When you browse for recipes over internet there is only segregated information which means you will have to jump from site to site.

★★This book is a solution to the never-ending issue!★★

✓ The Lean and Green recipe book covers more than 500 recipes that could easily follow while on this diet (150 of them can be made with AIR FRYER)

✓ You can simply pick the one that meets your cravings and go about your routine.

✓ This book would act as a handy guide to all those who want quick guide to help them at any hour of the day for their dietary requirements.

✓ In addition, if at any time you lose the motivation, this book serves the purpose of an encouraging partner.

✓ Follow the simple motivation techniques advised in this book. Moreover, the routine as mentioned in this book will help to reach an ideal weight in no time.

Once again Juliet Nath meets the needs of those who need to lose weight.  And she does it by presenting one of the most efficient diets of recent times.  Juliet, already famous for her cookbooks on the sirtfood diet and copycat recipes, presents a series of exclusive books on the Lean and Green diet. 

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