Keto for Kids Cookbook: Quick, Mouth-Watering, Easy to make and Budget Friendly Recipes for your beloved kids and Whole Family

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Forcing kids to eat healthy can be hard, especially if they are so used to their current eating habits. One way to improve your kids’ eating habits is to keep unhealthy foods out of your fridge and pantry and stock up on healthy foods. So, whether you are trying to entice your kids to give broccoli a chance or attempting to convince your kids to drink smoothies instead of sodas, here are some tips that you might want to try.

Do not ban junk. It is not a good idea to ban junk foods completely. Once your kids are used to eating chips and crackers, it will be very hard for them to stop. Thus, it is recommended to start by limiting their intake of chips and other salted foods so that they will not eat junk food every chance that they get despite being full. This will prevent them from overeating and will ease their transition to healthy eating.

Do not buy unhealthy foods in bulk. Yes, buying in bulk is cheaper but when it comes to unhealthy foods, it is best to buy the smallest package that is available, so kids will be less likely to overindulge in them.

Incorporate fruits and vegetables. When preparing meals, make sure that you include even one kind of fruit or vegetable that your kids love and will surely eat. To further persuade your kids to eat fruits and vegetables you can ask them to help you prepare their meals and allow them to add ingredients under your supervision.

Set an example. While your kids are young, make sure that you set a good example. Younger kids usually do what their parents do and eat what their parents eat. Therefore, take advantage by eating healthy meals and using healthy ingredients in front of them.

Serve small portions. Teach your kids to avoid overeating by making use of small bowls and plates. You can hold a bowl or plate of food for them and allow them to take a serving on their own. This will make them understand how much they can actually eat. This is also the best time to encourage them to only get a small portion at a time and go back for another helping only if they are still hungry.

Be creative. Children can be picky eaters so do not be immediately discouraged when they refuse to eat nutritious foods. Just consistently introduce them to new and different healthy ingredients and be creative with how you cook and prepare them. For example, chicken fingers can become healthy when made with healthy and preservative-free ingredients, pork chops can become healthy when baked instead of fried and fruits and vegetables can be formed into hamburgers to entice your kids to eat them.

This book gives a comprehensive guide on the following:

  • Keto best practices
  • Low-carb
  • How to read “nutritional values” on packages and different diets
  • Setting your personal goals
  • Let’s go shopping
  • The meal prep fundamentals
  • Tips to make meal prep easier and faster
  • … AND MORE!!!