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Keto or ketogenic diet is simply a "low carb diet," with a high fat and protein consumption. Keto diet is often thought to be the same as the Atkin diet. However, they are different. The difference between the two is in the amount of protein consumed. 

Another difference is that the keto diet puts the body in ketosis throughout the whole stage. Nevertheless, the Atkin diet only puts the body in ketosis during the first and probably the second phase. 

One of the gaining use of the keto diet is for weight loss. However, there are other low carb diets that you can use for weight loss. Common examples of such diets are South Beach, Dukan, and Paleo diets. What makes the keto diet stands out is the composition of fat, which is usually between 55-60%.

The word keto is derived from ketosis, which is a natural metabolic process. In other words, we can say that a Ketogenic diet, is that combination of meal which can induce or accelerate the rate of ketosis occurring in the human body. The next argument would be why ketosis is considered healthy? Ketosis is the process in which fats are broken down to release energy and ketones. So, it benefits by producing a good amount of energy, reducing the stored fats from the body and providing ketones for body metabolism. It is noteworthy here that ketosis cannot occur in the presence of freely available glucose or Carbohydrates: in the body. Our usual diet contains more carbohydrates than fats, so naturally, we rely on carbohydrates to extract the required energy. The ketogenic diet is the way of shifting our carb driven body to a fat driven one. To do so, it restricts the daily carb intake to 50grams and recommends a good use of fats instead. All high carbohydrates ingredients are therefore forbidden in this diet plan.

This cookbook covers:

◆        Introduction to the Keto Diet

◆        Breakfast Recipes       

◆        Snacks, Sides and Appetizers Recipes

◆         Lunch Recipes

◆        Dinner Recipes                       

◆         Desserts Recipes                    

This high-fat diet is most effective in boosting brain functioning. As the fats are nourishing for the brain cells and the diet also detoxifies the neurons. This is the reason that a ketogenic diet is highly recommended to people suffering from Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, and memory loss.

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