KETO DIET COOKBOOK FOR CARB LOVERS: Enjoy Ketogenic Weight-Loss without Carb Cravings | Easy Recipes for True to Flavor Low-Carb Food | Includes Chaffles, … & Desserts and Using the Bread Machine

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✓ Do you want to stop the weight gain, but you find it challenging to stay consistent with your meal plans and diets?

✓ Are you tired of starting a weight-loss program with sky-high motivation only to lose steam and drop out eventually?

It’s possible to stop this pattern and help yourself achieve the weight-loss that you desire and deserve in a healthy and sustainable way, so the results stay with you for life.

The ketogenic diet is an extremely effective way to lose weight as it transforms your body into a fat-burning machine by restricting carbohydrate intake in your diet. Having said that, carbohydrates is commonly found in many foods, which makes the diet hard to follow. Well – no more!

Keto Diet Cookbook for Carb Lovers is a compilation of 3 books curated with the only goal of gathering the most comprehensive collection of recipes to satisfy any carb cravings! It also includes explanatory chapters on the basics of the ketogenic diet.

  • Each recipe is carefully created to ensure a true-to-flavor result without the usual carbohydrate macronutrient! You will never miss the original carb-filled food and fall off the weight-loss wagon.
  • All recipes are laid out on the page with clear directions and easy-to-read print – no more squinting at small characters to figure out what’s the next cooking step. You can focus on the fun of keto cooking and meal prepping.
  • With quick and easy to prepare recipes – even the novice home cook will find it a breeze to cook and meal-prep!
  • 101 easy-to-make keto recipes for substitutes of bread, pizza and breadsticks with little or no carbohydrates using the bread machine – enjoy your yummy doughy favorite without fear of carbs.
  • 101 creative and tasty recipes for Chaffles – a re-creation of waffles using flavorsome cheese! Double the awesome flavor and all of the keto goodness to accelerate weight-loss.
  • 101 keto recipes for desserts and snacks to satisfy any sweet tooth – ranging from cakes, ice-cream, biscuits, mousses, muffins, and more, all fitting within the ketogenic requirements. You can truly have your cake and eat it too!

With over 300 recipes, you will never have to worry about missing out or breaking the ketogenic diet. No more discouragement, no more demotivation, and no more disappointments.

Get going now! Click on the “Buy Now” button and start your journey to achieving the body you’ve always wanted and feel the confidence and vibrance that awaits you!