Indian Weekly Meal Planning & Preparation

Indian Weekly Meal Planning & Preparation
Indian Weekly Meal Planning & Preparation is a video about find out how to plan your meals upfront..It has meal planning for one week.

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  1. I cannot make everyone understand how this video has helped me without telling my story. So here it goes-
    When I got married few years ago I didnot know any cooking. My sister-in-law who lives in another city would constantly say bad things about it in front of other people and me, and also behind my back. Even her mother visited us few times and made bad comments. Imagine the back biting going on.
    I finished my studies late in life and started working in a reputed institution. I stayed most of my adult life in hostel and rest of my time at home studying. My parents raised me the same as my brother, and used to say that you will learn cooking when the time comes.
    Now, my SIL has worked only for few months and decided to quit her job. I respect her decision. I had nothing but best intentions in my heart.
    But her constant bad mouthing made me determined to learn to cook. I learned everything online. My mother-in-law would also laugh at me and nag me about my 'mistakes'.
    Now, I have seen enough of my MIL's and SIL's cooking to know that I have infact become an equally good cook. Infact, my MIL now ask me about my recipes and praises my food.

    Today, watching this video I felt confident that I can plan similar menu and make most of these dishes. You also mentioned dal combos in this video which I made early on in marriage and my MIL laughed at me. At that time I thought maybe I did it wrong. Now I realise that she doesn't had much knowledge about cooking herself and laughed out of ignorance.

    To any new cook, don't loose hope. Don't aim to be a masterchef. Your cooking will have different taste than others. But it is all ok. In the end have confidence in your skills, make basic nutritious food and don't feel emberrased to employ a part or full time cook if you are still learning or have a busy job.
    I had cook when I was working full time. My SIL commented my husband has become thin because he probably doesn't like maid ke haath ki roti. After several months I got my revenge.. I told her in fun that I was earning more than my husband. Maybe he should quit his job and take care of the house.
    Make yourself strong and never bother about what others are saying. It is their insecurities speaking.

  2. Very useful information.. but when you keep emphasising how ' us ladies' have to deal with cooking.. You're sending out a wrong message .. even men should cook and learn to cook πŸ’ͺ

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