Getting calcium on a plant-based diet is easy. Watch how. Find out the best way to increase bone density as well! Cronometer Food Tracker: …


  1. Can someone help me out, I put 1000g of broccoli into cronometer (an unreasonable amount!) and it was only 50% of recommended amount (400mg) WHAT?! I dont understand how you say it's a good source?

  2. This is an incredibly important topic, and this one single issue is the number-one reason why vegans see such an enormous improvement in their health when they go vegan. I am not vegan because of food allergies, but I totally respect vegans and veganism. Here's the deal: it is incredibly toxic to consume calcium without magnesium. Now, every natural source of calcium is also a natural source of magnesium. You always find them together in natural sources. American fortified foods, however, (I am not sure about food fortification programs in other countries) only contain calcium, and no magnesium. This directly causes type 2 diabetes, heart disease, autism, fibromyalgia, and a long list of other conditions. The more vegetables you eat, the healthier you are, because the more vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to have an imbalance between calcium and magnesium. The less magnesium you consume, the more toxic calcium is.

  3. Spinach is not a good source of calcium as oxalates in spinach binds to calcium and therefore making most of it not absorbable by the body. Try other greens such as bok choy or broccoli.

  4. The Google search I just did says men my age need 1300 mg of calcium daily. If I were to rely on the 38 mg i one orange, this would require the consumption of 34 oranges per day.

    I'm trying to survive the initial phase of switching completely to WFPB and also save money on the foods I'm restricting myself to.

    Some indicators online are saying I'll need to eat bushells of food daily at the bare minimum. So stocking the pantry just doesn't seem as easy in real life as it's supposed to be.

    Good thing I'm getting stronger then, right?

  5. Thanks for the excellent video presentation, well explained with good information and great vibe brother! Although you could have add some more resources of calcium like nuts and seeds!

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  7. The plants that cows eat? Grass? Too biased. Kids need more calcium. 2 cups of spinach? Legumes are not great for everyone. Sample at 37% of daily requirement ?
    Unrealistic. No addressing of bioavailability either.

  8. Thank you both for your replies. I do eat more greens than I can stomach and always avoid caffeine before and after meals. I do believe it is harder for women though because we lose iron every month due to our cycles. That’s why I wanted Jeff’s perspective on how his wife managed to increase her levels.

  9. Unfortunately spinach in not a good source of Ca due to high oxalate content, but on the other hand current recommendations are very high.. 700 mg would be a more realistic rdi. Check dr. Gregers vids.

  10. You missed the calcium King unhulled sesame seeds. Around 90 mg of calcium in just 1 tablespoon. I usually eat about an oz a day for about 1/3 of my calcium needs

  11. calcium fortified is not natural calcium its just a brick, if you think eating bricks provides optimal nutritional, you are surely an expert on health.

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