How to Cook a Freezer Meal in the Instant Pot – Instant Pot Tips

How to Cook a Freezer Meal in the Instant Pot – Instant Pot Tips
I’ve been getting a lot of people asking how to cook a freezer meal in the Instant Pot. So I thought I should show you instead of telling you in each different …


  1. I wouldn't say you necessarily need 90 minutes for a roast. Going too long in the IP never hurts the meal, but if you're trying to save on your electric bill, it's worth figuring out how long IP says you need to cook your beef/pork/whatever kind of meat it is, and then adding an extra few minutes. If I'm cooking a small roast (like a 2.5 pound chuck), then 50 minutes is usually fine. (and I always try to do the natural release for meat, so I guess that tends to add me an extra 20-25 minutes)

  2. Well after watching you and your sister make freezer meals I was wondering what you suggested on how to cook them. Thanks for the info!!

  3. Since you are adding some water to the meatballs, why not put that water in your freezer bag after dumping the meatballs. Then you can use the water to "deglaze" the bag and get all the sauce!

  4. Thanks for making this video. While watching you prepare meals for the freezer, I have often wondered how much time would be needed to cook it if it was still frozen.

  5. Christen, used your corned beef recipe. Used red and yellow potatoes as well. You've said before, you have to trust it. Ok, I did. The brisket was perfect, the veggies,Oh My! Thanks again. Have three sisters, now I have nine. Thanks again. NEXT !

  6. Can one do these from frozen in the crockpot and are your cooking times in your freezer meal vids slotting for that? Or are you thawing before cooking in the crockpot? I use my crockpot A LOT but have never cooked from frozen…

  7. My mouth is watering! I LOVE your channel . I received an instant pot for Christmas of 2019 and so I’m always looking for yummy things to cook in it and I’m still trying to figure it out how it works and stuff. Thank you for your patient, easy instructions. Y’all are awesome! Thanks again💕😁

  8. What if you use pre-cooked chicken breast in a meal, but the chicken is frozen. What do you use for times?

  9. I think you girls are great but I am unsubscribing because I don’t have an instant pot and that is what your channel seems to be about right now. Best wishes!

  10. Hi, looks yummy!! Suggestion, the sauce that's sticking to the bag, put water that's needed to bring up to pressure, in the bag, seal squish it around and pour into the instant pot, now all of the sauce is out of the bag and instant pot has the water it needs. Problem solved.

  11. You have such good ideas! I love your channel! I used to be intimidated by my instapot now I use it all the time! Do you have any weekly meal prep ideas??

  12. I made teriyaki chicken bowls last night. Only complaints… I didn’t make enough! I have 2 teenage boys and a husband. I have Hawaiian chicken sandwiches on for tonight.. smells great so far. Thanks for the recipes

  13. My instant pot died 💀 when it fell off the pantry shelf, sad day! I didn’t use it all the time but for the few things i really liked it for, I’m missing it!

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