Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Snacks- ItsJudysLife Vlogs

Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Snacks- ItsJudysLife Vlogs
Tune in for a new itsjudyslife vlog everyday at 12PM PST! Mommy Channel!!! Yesterday’s Vlog …


  1. I miss judy alot in the vlog……… ☁😞☁☁☁☁😞☁
    I feel so sad

  2. Watching this today.. ❤️ Love how the girls love the healthy snacks! Hope my baby boy likes it too!! By the way, banana and peanut butter is PURE LOVE (just not a big fan of raisins lol) ❤️

  3. can you guys make a cook book of all the meals you guys make at home i stay wanting to see what they taste like cause goodness it looks good! please thanks

  4. Did you know that processed meats (ham, bacon, sausages.. etc.) are classed as group 1 carcinogens by WHO? meaning they are proven (by 800+ scientific studies) to definitely cause cancer. Same group as tobacco and asbestos. Look up the WHO site if you dont believe me! Just letting you know as I'm sure heaps of people dont realise, and I'm sure you wouldnt want to feed your kids something that would harm them! lots of love xx

  5. I love this vlog. It makes me want to eat healthy foods with you guys also! Great job Benji for teaching the girls to eat healthy at such a young age!

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