Fridge & Pantry Healthy Food SWAP | Healthy Alternatives to Unhealthy Foods to get Healthy FAST

Fridge & Pantry Healthy Food SWAP | Healthy Alternatives to Unhealthy Foods to get Healthy FAST
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  1. I know this is a couple months old now so you probably won't see this but I would love to see a video on why you say to swap out dairy and some of the other things! I've been trying to eat more clean, whole foods with occasional meat to just have overall better health but I love dairy and am so scared to swap it out😫 I love your videos though, makeup and fitness, I watch at least one every since day!!

  2. Hey Tori! So I have a question about some ingredients. I feel like whenever I substitute recipes with coconut flour they turn out wrong. Is there a trick to making it work? Maybe you could do a video using some of the foods/ingredients you mentioned!

  3. Urgh I love you, but as a pharmacist I can tell you and anyone else watching this, that there is little to NO scientific evidence for the majority of what you've said here. Wheat flour alternatives are no healthier. Dairy alternatives are no better. Coconut sugar, agave syrup, still just sugar, the body doesn't tell the difference. And, for the love of GOD, can I please tell you that it is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE for lemon water to 'detox' your body, or 'flush out toxins'. No food or drinks can detox you, no matter how they're advertised. However, I do agree with looking at the ingredients of the foods you're eating, and watching out for high amounts of sugar, salt, additives. I do love you and your personality, but please, look into the evidence behind your recommendations

  4. Doesn’t matter how “nice” a life they write about on the package. Look up the lives of free range chickens. It’s horrid. They still sell them when they are done laying eggs and they hang them upside down while they are terrified and slit their throats. They do this to all animals

  5. You have chemicals all over your face. You’re worried about words you don’t understand in your food? How about don’t choose torture.

  6. I low-key want a nail video, like just a short clip of where you go, what shape you get, and like if you get gel, no chip, acrylic. I love nails and yours are literally ALWAYS on point!!! UGHHH LITERALLY FAV YOUTUBER❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. What's up Tori .
    I saw like two minutes of your video
    About healthy eating on a budget and had to contact you ..

    I also get a lot of reproaches when trying to persuade people to eat healthy . Stuff like it's to expensive . Or that anything healthy can't taste good.. only recently have I beeen able rebuttle these reproaches .

    Firstly I dumpster dive and you would be surprised with how much food gets thrown away .. and not only that but ORGANIC FOOD. ") .

    Secondly free recipes online help Soo much .. umm yeah that's about it..

    I'm trying to get back into the lifestyle of eating healthy this is what brought me to your channel . I'll continue watching and if I like/love it I'll subscribe ..

  8. Post another video! I️ check your page a hundred times a day waiting for you to make another video!
    You’ve helped me so much with my lifestyle!!

  9. Loved this video!! I'm going to try & eat healthier & workout and your such a huge inspiration!! Keep these videos coming please!! Also will you do a hair tutorial?!! Love your hair in the last 2 videos!!

  10. She doesn't actually know what she's talking about… she's just repeating whatever other you tubers/bloggers are saying or just throwing out random opinions

  11. I'm so glad more and more people are transitioning to non-dairy items, I'm not lactose intolerant but if I have dairy too often I really feel awful.

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