Today I’m sharing the easiest vegan meal prep for the week that’s perfect if you’re short on time and money, along with my vegan grocery haul.


  1. I don't know why I've never thought to pair dates and peanut butter, but they're practically made for each other. Love them! Not sure I'm going to like having essentially the same meal for lunch and dinner, but I'm just starting out with meal prep and I'll give it a try this week. Thanks for posting incredible videos!

  2. This was done incredibly well. The sensible approach to buying organic "when it makes sense", opting for the ease of use of packaged spinach and canned (I always feel guilty not going with the slightly more labor intense dried beans and whole spinach). So thorough. Communicated so well.

    I'm only half way through the video now but wanted to comment. I've gotten into such a bad habit of getting coffee and pastry on the way to work, buying lunch on break at work, and getting some snacks on my way home from work. Its an incredible waste of money, leaves me feeling rushed, lethargic, and unfulfilled. I just need some guidance and where to start. And this was great.

    Thank you so much for sharing this. And 50$ for a week of groceries is so much better than 10+$ on buying lunch out every single day lolol.

  3. I would love to see another one of these videos from you! Seems more important than ever given quarantine! 🙂🙃

  4. What I never understand about these meal prep videos, is that you will have to eat the same meals the whole week. I could never eat the same thing for more than one or two days in a row. I would even go off my absolute favourite foods, if I had them more than once every three or four weeks. Is that just me?

    What I would love would be meal prep videos that make four or five different lunches/dinners, maybe with similar ingredients so you don't have to buy loads of different stuff, but mixing them up, adding different seasoning, cooking methods, … to make every meal seem different than what you ate the day before. Anyone know if/where I can find videos/recipes like that?

  5. Hey I was wondering if you could tell us what you got from Whole Foods and what you got from trader joes? Cause im going to both and if i buy something from the wrong place it could mess up the budget

  6. Thank you so much for the free grocery list and recipes im 13 and im trying to convince my nom to treat her body right with what she eats and im so happy that you've made this process much easier. Peace be with you🙏❤

  7. I moved to Pennsylvania, the food here is way more expensive than NYC. I was in shock, live in a rural area, clothes, basically anything is more expensive.
    But, housing is cheap compared to NYC.

  8. I just met you tonight and watched several great videos. I recently became a vegan and have done lots of reading and seen hours and hours of videos. I like your approach of quick and easy and delicious. So I went to order your book. Can you believe they are already sold out at Amazon! Not worried as it should be in soon. Thanks for your very well prepared videos.

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