Dr. Steven Gundry Reveals Ultimate Breakfast Recipe

Dr. Steven Gundry Reveals Ultimate Breakfast Recipe
The “ultimate breakfast” is rich in filling protein and fats… not cravings-spiking sugars. So, Steven Gundry MD has put together a delicious recipe for high-protein …


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  2. Ancestors never broke fast :)) breaking fast every body does. I break my fast at 12 pm around , my first meal of the day for the last 3 and the half years is 3 eggs and few low GI veggies

  3. I guess Dr. Gundry has no issues with microwave and plastics? Is there a different green that you would recommend? I have seen confusing videos presented by the Dr. that says spinach and kale can be a problem.

  4. Dr. Gundry …. would people have better immune systems if "Active birth management" was not employed and the baby received all of the blood in the placenta?

  5. I agree not to heat olive oil or use microwaves according to Healing with Whole Foods. I have used tallow and ground beef and coconut oil and ground beef and butter and feta. They are all lovely.

  6. Hi I cant belive how clever you are I havnt and wont use a microwave for over 10 years do you know how bad they are! I see your a heart surgeon I have most respect to you as had open heart surgery at st thomas hospital in London as only found out I had a 4cm hole in my heart which caused other problems had a 5 hr operation to mend me mr conal austin did it what a lovley guy just like you I have your book now and staring on this diet thankyou for all your telling us your just an amazing guy thankyou from the bottom of my heart .

  7. I have two of the Plant Paradox cookbooks.
    The recipes are surprisingly delicious.
    Dr. Gundry partnered with a professional chef. This partnership is a game-changer!

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