Dr. Sebi Cookbook: Your Ultimate Guide To Weight Loss And Natural Body Detox. Includes 200 Alkaline Recipes For Your Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your meals and not worrying about getting unhealthy at the same time? Would you like to eat anything you want, whenever you like, while still getting leaner, healthier, and fitter?

If yes, then keep reading!

It may sound impossible, but Dr. Sebi, a nutritionist, has found a formula that will let you eat whatever you want without gaining weight!

By risking his own life in the name of science, Dr. Sebi has discovered a controversial way to live a luxurious and happy life, free from worry, guilt, and weight gain. The formula is based on an entirely new understanding of nutrition designed to conform to modern lifestyles.

Don’t you just love this? Obviously, we do.

That is why this "DR. SEBI COOKBOOK" is written to be your ultimate guide on weight loss, natural body detox and has 200 alkaline recipes!

Here’s what’s inside this fantastic cookbook:

  • Who is Dr. Sebi
  • Dr. Sebi’s Philosophy
  • Dr. Sebi’s Approved Supplements & Food List
  • Herb List
  • Soups Stews and Sauces
  • Main Dishes
  • Salads and Vegetables          
  • Snacks and Bread

And much more!

We believe you will find this cookbook full of tasty, fresh, and healthy recipes that will encourage you to maintain a clean and alkaline-balanced lifestyle. "DR. SEBI COOKBOOK" is not just a diet product; it is a lifestyle manual that will teach you the basics of how to live a healthy lifestyle.

This is a 100% family and kids-friendly recipes cookbook. Those who are into sport and fitness will love this cookbook as well. Be it for muscle gain, weight loss, or for a simple way to continue a healthy lifestyle without feeling hungry, this cookbook has it!

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