Digital Food Scale/Kitchen Scale with Stainless Steel Weighing Platform. weighs in Pounds, Ounces, or Grams to 13 lb (5.89 kg) with 1/2 gm Increments. Batteries Included.

Price: $21.97
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Product Description

Beautiful Food, Proper Portions

Eating healthy, getting fit or staying fit shouldn’t feel like punishment. You don’t have to do without great tasting food. Whether you want to lose some weight, improve nutrition, or just better control what goes into your body by cooking more at home, our Salubre++ Kitchen Scale can help. Proper portions is a key to mentally staying the course for the duration of your longer-term goals. Since any healthy eating program is more a marathon than a sprint, having a tool in your arsenal that helps along the way is essential. Beautiful food in proper portions is more than just a motto! We are foodies from way back, but know we need to be sensible about portions.

Precise Measurements with Clear Digital Display

Easy to Set Up and Easy to Clean Up

The functionally rich Salubre++ Food Scale arrives ready to go. Simply insert the batteries (no tools required) into the underside of the scale then start your weighing adventures! The included Instruction and Care Guide can help answer questions you might have. If you aren’t using the bonus silicone trivet, cleaning the stainless steel weighing surface with a damp cloth is a breeze!

Easy Peasey TARE Button Saves Time and Clean-up

Cool Features

Salubre++ returns to the last unit of measure you used the next time you turn it on
Auto-off allows 2 minutes of inactivity; Each added item resets timer to 2 minutes
The weighing platform has a slight ridge on the edge to keep items from spilling off
TIP: Use a container for messy foods and use TARE

Multiple Uses – Very Versatile

Our scale weighs anything around the house that needs weighing – from .5 grams up to 13 lbs maximum. This precision instrument can be used for many things. Here are a few our buyers have mentioned:

Meal prep (of course)
Following recipes – many use weight instead of measuring cup measures
Postage – saves time at the post office
Backpacking – ensuring all packed gear is light enough for comfortable hiking
Weighing wild mushrooms to sell at the farmer’s market
Measuring precise amounts of yarn for knitting or crocheting projects
Baking – especially good for the intricate balances required between ingredients
Class-room science projects – yup – you read this correctly. A customer uses our scales for their science lab projects.

😍 FOOD LOVERS UNITE – make beautiful food, but enjoy in proper portions. Prepare good, healthy meals in balanced servings – Salubre++ helps maintain or reach fitness and health goals without having to give up your favorite foods. Easily control what goes into your body. Or simply take your cooking to the next level!
👌 PRECISION AND SPEED – Weighs ingredients instantly and effortlessly! Not just for professional cooks – the food scale is the handiest tool in your kitchen arsenal. It helps organize meal preparation and reduces the number of bowls and measuring cups needed, saving clean-up time. EASY TO SETUP AND USE – Your Salubre++ arrives with a set of batteries – just insert them into the underside of the unit and go!
👍 MODERNIZE/MAKE YOUR KITCHEN MORE EFFICIENT – Weighing ingredients is an easier, more accurate way to measure. Simply push the UNIT button to change to the unit of measure you need – our digital food scale weighs in 5 different measurements (see product description). The bright and clear backlit LCD display warns if battery is low; a 2-minute AUTO-OFF saves battery life and your money. The practical TARE function zeroes out the container weight and previously added ingredients.
💪 STURDY, HARD-WORKING AND DOESN’T TAKE UP MUCH ROOM – Easily fits into a drawer or leave it on the kitchen counter – complements your other appliances! Its rugged stainless-steel weighing platform and quality components will last for years. Built-to-last construction allows us to make a money-back guarantee.
✌ GREAT VALUE – Register your purchase to guarantee the batteries for a year! INSIDE THE BOX: kitchen scale; batteries; food grade silicone trivet – keeps the weighing surface clean – doubles as a hot pad or jar opener; Instruction and Care Guide written in plain English; product inserts show how to register and choose a charity – a % of your purchase goes to the charity of your choice; how to contact our US-Based Customer Support team to answer any question you have.