Dash Diet : Discover The Power of Dash Diet, Improve Your Weight Loss and Lower Blood Pressure With a Delicious 2 Weeks Meal Plan, Includes Mouth-Watering, Yummy, and Healthy Low Sodium Recipes

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Are you worried about your high blood pressure and are afraid of eating the wrong things that could worsen your situation? 

At the same time, you are overweight, so you are afraid it might make you gain weight?

The Dash diet always figures in the American rankings as the best diet to slim down and prevent and cure hypertension. 
Find out then in this guide how it works and what you can eat when you follow this diet.

The Dash diet aims to improve health by keeping the pressure at bay: it is useful both in the prevention and hypertension problems are already present.

Potassium, calcium, fiber, and protein are considered the essential nutrients to ensure that the pressure remains at the right levels and essential for this diet to keep low the sodium content in the proposed foods. 

How? Limiting the consumption of salt that is used in the kitchen.

As overweight is a risk factor, there are also versions of the DASH diet that maintain the same breakdown for food categories but with a reduced total calorie intake.

In this book, you will discover:

•    What DASH Diet Is, especially the fact that, in addition to making prevention, helps you lose weight healthily and effectively.

    All The Benefits DASH Diet Can Give You since it is considered scientifically proven that following the DASH diet can reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular risk.

    If You Are Suitable to This Type of Diet to ensure you can benefit from it without risking health problems.

•    What You Can Eat and Cannot; for this type of diet, you have to avoid certain ingredients; for example, one of the most harmful is precisely the salt. Some tests show that limiting the use of sodium in meals helps to lower the pressure.

    An Incredibly Good 2 Weeks Meal Plan that will help you schedule and organize your meals in your busy life.

• … & Much More!

The Dash Diet, despite many others, does not provide a drastic diet but focuses on the type of foods to be taken that allow all those who follow it to lower blood pressure and combat hypertension.

It is a very flexible diet suitable for the whole family and sustainable. The Dash diet uses a group of foods divided into rations, so you will not have to eat every Tuesday always, and only chicken as, for instance, in other diets, each plan of this diet provides that you can eat tot rations a certain group of food.

Please, take a moment and imagine how you will feel once you get your optimal health and how your family and friends will congratulate you when you shed those unwanted pounds.
Even if you’re extremely obese, you can improve your health and lose weight with the DASH diet, following this exhaustive guide’s information and advice.

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