Cooking a Meal with an Instant Pot While Living in a Van

Cooking a Meal with an Instant Pot While Living in a Van
In this video, Yoshua Greenfield with You Enjoy Life shares some tips on how you can cook a healthy meal while living in a van. It is great to introduce you to a …


  1. I've lived in VW vans and owned pool&spa homes by the beach
    but the happiest, healthiest, wealthiest & wisest I ever was
    are the years, now decades with my surfboard and steering wheel
    in reach.

    Here's a trick for a zero electricity fridge/cooler;
    put a small dry pool spa inside and veggies
    will fossilize before they rot.
    Tomatoes can last a month or 2.
    Chickeck/meat lasts a bit longer too.
    No electricity reqd.

    And I assume you know
    a cooked meal in a hot sealed pot
    can be heated, "dipped" and last
    for 5-10 days w/o a refer.

    But the biggest trick ever
    was selling the van&getting a dirt cheap
    sailboat at auction; call around.
    Often they're free.
    The life is beyond magic.

  2. So good to see You Yoshua(Josh)…I was just thinking about You the other day! 😃 … Great Video … I’m definitely making those pepper eggs!!! … I glad to see You’re doing good! 😁🙏💗

  3. Really enjoyed sharing this video with y’all. Rob, always a pleasure, you are a lovely human and a true inspiration (ps. I’m full time barefoot now and it’s truly been wonderful)

  4. I don’t meet many people that talk the same way I do – shifting “oh” vowel sounds to “ah” vowel sounds. “fah-rest”, “fah-rage” where the harder consonants are made softer, too. Wonder where he is from… also, awesome video about simple but satisfying mealmaking. Thank you 😅

  5. Very cool! I may be living in an RV, van, camper or something besides a traditional home soon, but I'm already looking at it as an adventure, just another chapter in my life free of many of the worries I had before. Thanks for the video.

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