ChocZero’s Maple Syrup. Sugar free, Low Carb, Sugar Alcohol free, Gluten Free, No preservatives, Non-GMO. Dessert and Breakfast Topping Syrup. 1 Bottle(12oz)

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Product Description

Keto friendly pancake syrupKeto friendly pancake syrup

Keto Pancake BreakfastKeto Pancake Breakfast

Sugar Free Syrup

1g net carb a serving. Low carb, GMO free, all natural. Contains no artificial sweeteners.

No preservatives and no filler! In fact, we’re naturally thicc without any kind of thickening agent!


Bring Back Breakfast

Gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free.

Remember going to the diner with your family and ordering the largest tower of pancakes the waitress could carry? The best part was the warm bottle of syrup slowly poured out in a perfect swirl until it dripped down the side of the plate and maybe even soaked the bacon (scratch that, we’re definitely soaking the bacon).

These days, we’re not in love with all the sugar that comes with maple syrup, but we do miss that nostalgic feeling of having an epic breakfast. That’s why we knew our syrup had to be more than delicious; it needed to be thick and rich just like when we were kids.

Coconut flour pancake mix

Coconut flour pancake mix

Monk fruit syrup

Monk fruit syrup

Low carb syrup

Low carb syrup

No Sugar, No Problem

We don’t think going keto or cutting down on sugar has to be a bummer. Our delicious monk fruit blend is the perfect sweetener that makes the maple flavor the star of the show. That way you can have an epic breakfast that fits into your lifestyle.

Junk Free is the Way to Be

We know you care about what goes in the bottle, so we make sure only include the best ingredients that you can pronounce! That means no sugar alcohols, no soy, and no GMO’s! We’re so serious about making the most naturally thick syrup you’ve ever tried, that we took out water instead of adding a thickening agent. That way you can have a sweet morning without all the junk in your breakfast trunk.

Go Beyond Breakfast

We believe that maple syrup brings a little happiness wherever it goes. Use it to take your marinade to the next level, swirl it into some Greek yogurt, or use it to bake a treat with the kids! There’s so many ways our sugar free maple syrup can turn your favorite recipe into a keto masterpiece.

No preservatives: we don’t use water to dilute our syrup. This also means they’re THICK and RICH!
Great for using on your breakfast foods, desserts, or warm beverages.
Each syrup has 2g net carbs a serving. Low carb, GMO free, all natural.