Cheap & Healthy Snacks for WEIGHT LOSS | Mason Jar Snacks On The Go! Jordan Cheyenne

Cheap & Healthy Snacks for WEIGHT LOSS | Mason Jar Snacks On The Go! Jordan Cheyenne
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  1. I had anorexia so it really hard for me to diet without going down that road but you been helping me I eat max 2 times a day I was wondering if you can do a video of meals for work?

  2. cut out sugar (I mean cut it out completely) we have tons of natural sugars from fruit already do indulge in fruit 😊 and cut out processed foods too…healthy whole foods is the answer!!! no need to over think it 😊 and protein, veggies are chalk filled with them! toss the protein powders….the money used for those fancy powders can go to delicious natural foods filled with protein.

  3. love ya girl!!! ur so inspiring!! … mason jars are awesome and even better if u buy the small plastic "dip" size throw away cups like restaurants use or save jello/ fruit cups and put those in the lid as a separate container. if I find the example I'll show link it. πŸ˜†

  4. You should add a counter for the times you say "literally" πŸ˜‚. I'm definitely going to check out the channel you mentioned! I'm loving these snack ideas!

  5. Its great that you are trying to eat more plant based. If you are slipping up on your diet it is because you don't really know of all the information that does with veganism. maybe watch some documentaries like cowspiracry, forks over knives, earthlings, engine 2 diet. Research doctors like dr. sebi, dr. McDougal, Dr. greger, read the china study or the starch solution. Just educate yourself more and you will not want to eat those products. Also you need to make sure you eat carbs when pursuing this lifestyle that is why people slip up also because they are just simply not listening to their bodies and eating enough. I have been vegan for almost a year ow and I am loving it and have never felt better. So i wish the best to you with your journey! (:

  6. For your mason jar with veggies and hummus……rather than putting the hummus on the bottom, use a leftover applesauce cup (individual cups etc) and fill with hummus and set inside the jar and then put cover on jar! Fits perfectly and no more digging in a messy jar! I got this idea from Do It On a Dime YouTuber!

  7. I love Jordan's videos and her message! I'm a fan of hers because of who she is as a person, her energy and positivity. I feel it's important to learn from others especially if they do things differently from ourselves. We should all be supporting each other in whatever diets we feel work best for our bodies, especially if the goal is to make ourselves healthier!!

  8. hey girl thought you were vegan :/ whey protein is so unhealthy and is one of the worst for weight loss its baby growth hormones.. countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis. No hate but as a youtuber its dangerous to include unhealthy products in a 'healthy snacks' video. hope you dont take this the wrong way but just letting you know πŸ™‚ Also if your having trouble with being vegan make sure you eat enough coz thats one of the main reasons people slip up. Also educate yourself further on the ethics!

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