Bubba’s Foods Keto Friendly Granola Variety Pack, 6oz (Pack of 3) | Gluten Free, Low Sugar Breakfast Cereal…

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Product Description

keto granolaketo granola

Bubba’s Fine Foods

Keto Granola Cereal

Every bite of Bubba’s Keto Granolas whisks you away to delicious memories of your childhood while watching Saturday morning cartoons. We add a touch of keto friendly sweeteners to three indulgent flavors with no sugar alcohol aftertaste. Oh yeah, it’s grain free, gluten & dairy free too.

eat like a kideat like a kid

Enjoy Indulgent Granola Again

Bubba’s Keto Granolas are crafted to indulge your tastebuds just like your favorite cereals when you were a kid!

feel goodfeel good

Feel Good Food Choices

Restricted diets don’t need to be restrictive. Bubba’s Granolas are keto friendly, grain free, gluten free, vegan, and dairy & soy free.

active lifestyleactive lifestyle

Design a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrient-rich, real ingredients in Bubba’s Keto Granolas help sustain your active lifestyle without the drag of processed ingredients.


Our Promise

We think it’s plain wrong there aren’t more indulgent, healthy foods available today. We are here to change that.

pairing guide



snack from the bag

Ice Cream Topping

Pairing Guide

Bowl of Cereal

Homemade Parfait

Snack from the Bag

Ice Cream Topping

Available in Three Indulgent Flavors

maple cinnamon keto granola


With a delicate balance of maple and cinnamon, comfort food comes with a crunch in this flavor! Perfect for topping a scoop of ice cream or awakening the senses first thing in the morning.

lemon blueberry tart keto granola


An indulgent lemon forward granola balanced with sweetness from the blueberries. This flavor will bring you back to your grandma’s lemon tart bars.

double chocolate chip keto granola


Think Saturday morning cartoons with your favorite chocolately bowl of cereal. With dark chocolate chips, cocoa powder, and chocolate extract, this flavor is a chocolate lover’s dream!

Maple Cinnamon Crunch

Compare Keto Granolas

Keto Friendly

Gluten Free


150 cal

Calories / Serving

150 cal

<1 gram

Sugar / Serving

<1 gram

2 grams

Net Carbs / Serving

2 grams

Keto Friendly

Gluten Free


150 cal

Calories / Serving

150 cal

<1 gram

Sugar / Serving

<1 gram

2 grams

Net Carbs / Serving

2 grams

Lemon Blueberry Tart

lemon blueberry tart

Double Chocolate Chip

double chocolate chip

What are the nutrition facts in this granola?

The entire nutrition facts panel can be viewed in the product images at the top of this page. Click on the main image and page through the images for the full nutrition panel.

What are the ingredients?

Full ingredient lists are provided on the primary product images at the top of this page. All Bubba’s products are made with real food ingredients that are grain free, soy free, and dairy free.

What if I’m not keto?

The Keto Granolas are great for many restrictive diets including gluten free and celiac diets, vegan, dairy free, soy free and more. Be sure to look at the full ingredient list to see if there is anything you cannot eat.

Is there a sugar alcohol aftertaste?

Bubba’s Keto Granolas have been tirelessly tested to not have a sugar alcohol aftertaste. If you’re particularly able to spot sugar alcohol flavor, you might be able to pick out it’s subdued nature in these granola.

Do you use premium ingredients?

All of our ingredients are the highest quality available making Bubba’s Granolas have a premium, indulgent taste unlike any other granola available today.

2G NET CARBS: Each serving of granola is packed full of taste but not the carbs. With 2g net carbs, 3g of dietary fiber, and 4g of erithrytol, this keto breakfast is low carb and high in nutrients.
INDULGENT HEALTHY BREAKFAST: With three decadent flavors, these gluten free, grain free, keto friendly granolas feature healthy ingredients including coconut, sunflower seeds, walnuts, flax seeds, and chia. Each flavor is vegan, dairy free and soy free.
PACK CONTENTS: Product best 18 months from manufacture date. Variety Pack includes one 6oz bag each of Double Chocolate Chip, Lemon Blueberry Tart, and Maple Cinnamon Crunch keto granola flavors..
OUR PROMISE: We think it’s just plain wrong that the food industry doesn’t provide more indulgent, healthy snacks. We’re here to change that with our grain-free, keto snacks that taste just like your favorite decadent cereals.