Authentic Italian Pizza – The Cookbook: 43 step-by-step pizza dough recipes for homemade pizza from scratch! + 90 gourmet toppings for every craving

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N.B. This is the B&W (black and white) paperback version, for those who want to have a cheaper option but the same good recipes! If you prefer the full-color version, choose the hardcover book!

Would you like to make (and of course eat) an excellent Italian pizza?

Let’s face it: nothing is tastier than a good homemade pizza and now you can prepare it at home! The good news is that you don’t need to own a professional wood-burning oven, have a secret ingredient or know a complex procedure to do it.

Thanks to this recipe book, you can surprise your family and friends with 43 different types of pizza doughs – both classic round and pan pizza – that I tried and tested for you. You can also find more than 90 mouth-watering gourmet toppings. There is something for everyone, including 5 gluten-free dough recipes and 4 sweet pizza recipes to try!

After the great success of my first book Authentic Italian Pizza, it is time to finally share ALL the recipes that I learned and perfected during my career as a pizza chef around the world.

For each of the recipes, I will explain the steps to follow (including the most challenging ones, such as the maturation and the leavening stages) and recommend toppings for that specific dough.

Furthermore, in the first part of this recipe book, you will find all the tips you need for making a successful homemade pizza. Not only that, you can enjoy creating direct and indirect dough, dough with Biga and even with sourdough culture. You will find recipes designed for fast proofing (from 4 to 6 hours) and PRO-level pizza recipes (from 36 to 48 hours). In addition, there are also recipes with various types of flours to spice things up!

In this recipe book, you will find:

  • 13 recipes and complete procedures for making the perfect pizza like that of the Italian pizzerias
  • 14 recipes and precise methods for making an awesome pan-pizza; you will be catapulted into the heart of Italy at the first bite!
  • 5 gluten-free dough recipes with special flours
  • 9 recipes including the comprehensive procedure for different types of focaccia, panzerotti, and other baked and non-baked goods
  • 80 plus mouth-watering gourmet toppings
  • Dough recipes with short and long leavening times of up to 48 hours… an opportunity to try a wide range of leavening times!
  • A range of dough hydration that goes from 50 to 90% for all difficulty levels
  • 4 sensational sweet pizza recipes and their perfect sweet topping combinations
  • Useful tips for each step and mistakes to avoid when preparing pizza
  • And finally, how to master home baking methods with professional results!

I am confident that, through this book, you will be able to achieve two goals. First, you will see extraordinary results and thereby dismiss the myth that it is impossible to create the perfect pizza without secret ingredients and professional ovens. Secondly, you will improve your dough making skills while using unusual ingredients to make any pizza night an evening full of tasty moments of happiness!

You must try these fantastic recipes yourself! Now, what are you waiting for?