Adam Ragusea ought to follow Cooking

Adam Ragusea ought to follow Cooking
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  1. Your arguments are dumb
    First argument: He's trying to talk about a lot of different topics if he were to go that specific it would be 5 hours long

    Argument 2: Agenda of what exactly? And you said raw foods especially fats Im pretty sure noone wants to live off of fats alone thats why that point is pointless. Noones going to survive of off pure fat only and cooking fat doesnt affect it. Were talking about vegetables and meats here not fat

    Argument 3: Yeah its not hard, Yeah we can, but like if theres an easier option that doesn't give your digestive system a tyson uppercut every time you eat why wont you take it. Cooking simply allows you to work less for more nutrients. You simply misunderstood something he said"it makes nutrients more available" and say hes wrong, Said the EXACT SAME THING he said just reworded and said its right because you said it. KIND OF SHTEWPID INNIT BRUV

    4. The problem here is your imposing that they did this research on people of the modern era. They did this research from before supermarkets exist. While you can use this as an argument against them they themselves never said that supermarkets dont exist. He was making a point that its how we got here not that its the best thing to do that now we ARE here. And yeah animal products and grains are callorically dense cooking allows the body to absorb it faster
    (Salads have existed since since Jesus came down on earth)

    5. Boiling is the most efficient way of cooking thus making it one of the most popular ways of cooking sure it might not be the best way of keeping food energy efficient if you factor in the ease and time efficiency of boiling especially for poorer parts of the world your whole argument crumbles down. Sure you might say it isnt but like did you research this topic for 3/4ths of your whole life? You cant even put a single source document for anything you say unlike Adam.

    6. Wow the greatest argument ever resorting to insulting people based on how they look. While sure looks is the main way we distinguish healthy people from unhealthy ones there are factors that we cant control you know LIKE AGE. And besides being healthy doesnt mean looking like a buffed up mf who goes to the gym everyday and drinks a pound of protein shake everyday you're kind of insensitive and hypocritical saying their the ones showing defeatism.

    7. They do studies to try and understand the mechanisms of the body instead of just "thinking critically" THEY STUDIED THIS UMLIKE YOU and yet yiu think you know more than them? You havent earned that opinnion its an asshole opinnion. And unlike you Adam can admit hes wrong

    8. Theyre aplying what they say to both vegetables and meat because they are interchangable. Its just a fact that cooking allows the body to absorb calories faster than raw foods. And if you think your body needs more enzhymes to digest raw foods its just plain out wrong. Not only does it take more enzhymes to digest raw foods it also takes more physical effort.

    9. Because the diet itself doesnt use the point that grains are covered in chemicals. Why should you counter argue something that noone has ever argued.
    Noones paying him

    10. Their not obsessed with making people not do what they want. He specifically said that if it works for you it works. Hes just pointing out the facts from actual statystics.

    11. Hes been talking to researchers and experts his whole life not just at the time he thought of making this video hes been talking to researchers and experts HIS WHOLE LIFE so a hundred is waay far from being a stretch. You hypocrite you're idea of nutrition isnt backed up by anything other than ACTUAL PROPAGANDA unlike what adams saying thats backed up by thousands of studies. Who is the brainwashed monkey now. Just because its unpopular doesnt mean its wrong. THE VIDEO IS ABOUT FOOD NOT THE FKING GOVERNMENT alright?

    And the salt on the wound is you have not a single source document for anything you're saying

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