7 Vitamix Recipes to Make First

7 Vitamix Recipes to Make First
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  1. I was nodding my head eagerly as you asked if you could make some first time recipe suggestions 😂. Our Vitamix is on its way and I can hardly wait 😁

  2. Do you have suggestions for anti inflammatory recipes ? I have a chronic illness and got the vitamix too be able to make foods that will help heal me.

  3. New vitamix owner and new subscriber. Your videos are very informative and I want to enjoy them. I’d enjoy them much much more if you weren’t always seemingly whispering. Speak up man! Haha. Thank you for creating the content.

  4. My Vita mix was delivered at 11:00 a.m. and by 1127 I made my 1st green smoothie. For dinner we may tacos and I used the Vita mix to make a spicy corn chowder. Dessert consisted of a huge batch of banana sauce serve ice cream. Everything was amazing! Tomorrow am will be another smoothie and I wanna learn how to make that Wendy's frosty thing! Lol

  5. Hi this may be dumb but my Vitamix is being shipped and I am confused as to how you put cold ingredients in the blender and when its done its steaming hot soup did I miss a step or does the blender somehow heat the soup?

  6. Just pulled the trigger on the $160 off deal for a CR 7500 model after a couple days of thinking. Super excited! I've been using the Ninja IQ blender for a little over a year for smoothies in the morning (big 1000-1500cal fruit/green/protein vegan smoothies) and just recently started using it for homemade nut butters. After my 3rd batch, I noticed cracks in the bottom and side of my pitcher and was devastated.

    Hopefully, for $300, the CR 7500 can fulfill my needs for years to come. It did come with a 5yr warranty which puts me at ease. Just subscribed to your channel as well!

  7. Can someone help me! I wanna make smoothies to eat for breakfast, I dunno about juicing as you need a marinating juicer for that to get rid of the pulp etc. I wanna make a big batch of soup, such as courgettes and tomato, carrot and courgette, sweet potatoes and aubergine etc – I dunno if I need to pre cook it before I blend or if it does it for me. I wanna also use it for making almond or cashew butter.
    Which one should I get? I've watched heaps of videos and still cant choose

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