6 HEALTHY SNACKS | Beneath 100 Energy

6 HEALTHY SNACKS | Beneath 100 Energy
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  1. "Quarantine has forced me to get out and have a little fun time outside" I think you don't really get the meaning of Quarantine, anyway great content ; )

  2. Steve’s usual repertoire of recommendations are detailing sharp suits or Lamborghini rentals. In these CORVID times, we have snacks at home. Good times, the content with simplicity. Enjoy it while it lasts, folks. 😊
    Nom-ing with Steve (lunch hour) was pretty great.

  3. Enjoyed watching this. Good, fun video and lots of tips. Love the peanut butter or abs thing that you said. As in a surplus of calories and "excess fat" will for sure lead to fat gain. You need to get the balance right between protein, fats and carbs don't you. And great to give people lots of ideas for snacks under 110 calories. Carlos

  4. Could you possibly give us your take on artificial sweeteners/pre packaged food. The snacks in this video are indeed low in calories but not necessarily healthy for digestion/body. Just curious on your opinion.

  5. I don't do that with ice cream and hate those people too. Along with those that leave a piece of food on their plate, the tiniest piece, just eat it!!!! Lol

  6. "The Art of Snacking" that was good advice, not taking big bites and making it last. It's pretty simple and obvious but something that I defiantly need to be more mindful of with snacks. Everything in moderation as the old saying goes.

  7. Steve there is a subscription of snacks tons of them it’s called snack crate they have funny ass videos their thing is the popular snacks from different countries they had one for AU ask Morgan if she thinks they did good on picking the AU snacks

  8. For any UK followers I have some under 100 cal cheap snacks for you.
    -Tesco free from caramel rice cakes
    41 calories per cake

    -Tesco breadsticks
    20 calories per breadsticks

    -Skinny Whip/crunch bars (crunch bars are lower in calories)
    75-96 calories
    £1 X5 bars

    -Hartley’s Jelly
    10 calories per pot (for the 175g pots)
    £0.75 each or £4 for 6

    Proper corn
    -42-63 calories per 10g pack
    £1 for a 6 pack

    This is not everything but here are just a few examples or cheap low cal/low fat snacks 👍

  9. I literally just ate 2 boxes of sugar free jello with protein mixed in…. im about to sleep happily full for the day knowing i didn't go over my calories and hit my protein easily doing this shit….

    Sugar free jello is the god of trying to lose weight.



    There's also a 50 cal pb out there now!

  10. Hobbs is so cute! We love french bulldogs and sporks Steve! Cheating the calorie system is how we maintain our happiness and diet at the same time, so 5 calorie more is no big deal!

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