100% Grassfed Biodynamic Non-GMO Ghee by Tin Star Foods (13.5 Oz): Clarified Butter | Keto and Whole 30 Approved | Lactose-Free

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Product Description


Technically speaking, Ghee is lactose-free and casein-free clarified butter. It is butter that has been cooked at a specific heat point so all milk solids (lactose and casein) drop to the bottom of the pan and are eliminated through the cooking process.

Ghee has been used in kitchens throughout India for thousands of years. More importantly, its heavy usage is due to the laundry list of health benefits. While the cooks in the kitchen were putting it in every dish possible, the Ayurvedic Doctors relied on its healing properties to treat patients. They were building entire centers in India around this special product before we knew what electricity was.

Fast forward to current days, it seems that everyone is asking where you can get some! We believe it is one of the top 3 fat sources to have in your diet, right next to Coconut oil and animal fats.

It’s starting to pop up in groceries stores all over the country, and for good reason, as it is an arduous process to make ghee and takes time to learn. For people on the go, taking 2-4 hours to make this every couple weeks just isn’t a possibility.


The deep gold color of our ghee is a direct result from the amount of time our cows spend on the grass. We are proud to say that our cows are now getting grassfed 100% of the year! In the winter months, if enough fresh grass isn’t available, the cows may be supplemented with silage or haylage (grass or other green fodder compacted and stored in airtight conditions, typically in a silo, without first being dried, and used as animal feed in the winter).


Tin Star Foods makes every single bottle and there is a human touch each step of the way. As a business, our people are the top priority. Tin Star Foods ensures an exceptional product, with the entire production process taking place here in the USA. Hand crafting the product in small batches provides 100% high quality ghee, and allows us to stay close to our roots.


The most frequently asked question when we’re talking about ghee is, “It tastes great but how the heck do I use it?” You can treat it exactly like butter or coconut oil. It melts into liquid slightly above room temperature so it pours over your cooked or steamed veggies with ease. You can also use it to cook at a ridiculously high smoke point.

Get Cooking!

Sauté Veggies in Ghee

Did you know that when sautéing veggies in ghee, the vegetables keep their vibrant color instead of shriveling up into a browned mess? Vegetables never looked so appetizing.

Healthy & Delicious

It’s all about the healthy fats these days. Pair Tin Star’s small batch ghee with your favorite healthy protein. Your heart (and guts) will thank you!

A Satisfying Finish

Amp up your day with a one pan meal using Tin Star Ghee. Packed with healthy fats and a number of other nutrition fortifying ingredients, Tin Star ghee will have you feeling as good as this meal looks.

Taco Tuesday

Isn’t it great when healthy eating overlaps with your greatest cravings? Take taco night to the next level by cooking up your fillings in your favorite ghee. Let’s face it, tacos are good any night of the week when they’re guilt-free.

Ultra high smoke point of 485 degrees Fahrenheit and an excellent choice for those suffering with allergies or autoimmune diseases.
Flavors like butter but used as a cooking oil. Perfect for roasting, baking, sauteing, topping and spreading.
We use grass-fed imported butter and slow cook it the old fashioned way just like our mama taught us. Indian Origins with Texas Roots!
Made in Texas in small batches using a proprietary triple filtration process— the purest & highest quality handcrafted ghee on the market!